Environmental Mission Statement

Finley Structures Limited recognises that our activities and products have impacts on the environment. We are committed to reducing these impacts by implementing an environmental management system and to improve environmental performance by setting environmental objectives and targets

To support our commitment we will:

  • Endeavour to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and other requirements
  • Aim to prevent pollution to air, water and land
  • Encourage sustainable consumption associated with our activities to minimise unnecessary waste of electricity, fuel and materials.
  • Consider the manufacture and design of our product to give best performance and take into account the environmental impact.
  • Regularly review our environmental programmes to ensure continual improvement.

This document is communicated to all employees and relevant parties and is made available to the public. It shall be the responsibility of everybody at Finley Structures to ensure that the policy is applied at all times.

Julie Finley
Managing Director
April 2013

Review Date: April 2014