Production / Steel Fabrication

On a 5 acre plot, our 88,000 square foot state of the art production facility incorporates the most advanced computer numerically controlled machinery (CNC) available.

Our experienced workforce can tackle projects from portal frame and beam & column buildings to the most complex structures.

All machinery in the factory is linked to the technical department by a network of fibre optic cables to ensure speed, efficiency and the elimination of human error.  All processes are completed in one fabrication facility with a dedicated checker ensuring quality is kept at its highest level.

A just-in-time manufacturing process is utilised with steel being supplied from local suppliers in planned ‘Lots’. Fittings and main shafts are identified with part or erection marks, easily identified after erection for the CE marking system requirements and tractability. This then ensures the Specification of our product complies with both the manufacturing standards and the relevant Euro codes for building and construction.

Within our facility, we use Kaltenbach saw/ drill CNC machinery and have full shot-blast facilities, which are controlled by our production control system. This is complimented with the two “fabrication speed lines”, which are a form of moving conveyor system, each line being 160m long. Over 28 speed line bogies are used in the transfer of the steel where they end in a 15,000 square foot paint hall. This area gives us the flexibility to offer a range of surface finish specifications.

The site has a loyal, trained and highly skilled workforce that work hand-in-hand with shopfloor management and contract staff to provide a quality product delivered to programme requirements.