Sustainability Policy Statement

Finley Structures Limited is committed to promoting sustainability.  Concern for the environment and promoting a broader sustainability agenda are integral to Finley Structures Limited’s professional activities and the management of the organisation.  We aim to follow and promote good sustainable practices in order to reduce the environmental impact within our activities and to assist our clients and suppliers to do the same.

Finley Structures Limited seeks to build on its Environmental Policy by making sustainability an integral part of its activities through.

Engaging Suppliers

Educate our suppliers regarding our environmental and sustainability objectives by encouraging and persuading suppliers to adopt environmentally friendly processes and supply environmentally friendly goods and services.

Work with key suppliers to make changes and thereby extend sustainability improvements throughout the supply chain in order for Finley Structures Limited to make purchase decisions based on the whole life time costs and value for money and not based on the lowest price.

Managing and Maintaining the Company in a Sustainable Manner

Minimise wherever possible the use of paper by double siding.  Re – use or recycling of office waste including paper, computer supplies and any redundant equipment.

Reduce the energy consumption throughout the Company, purchase energy efficient equipment and ensure all staff promotes good housekeeping in order to reduce waste.

Avoid physically travelling to meetings when alternatives are available and practicable, such as using telephone conference calling and efficient timing of meetings to avoid multiple trips which can be more time efficient, while not sacrificing the benefits of regular contract with clients and suppliers.

Contribution to the Community

Finley Structures Limited will operate with care and sensitivity to minimise any adverse impacts on the community in which work is being undertaken and respond promptly to any complaints which are made against the Company or any of its Employees.

Finley Structures Limited will monitor and review its sustainability performance on a regular basis and it will be publicised to all employees.

Mr J Finley
Managing Director
Finley Structures Ltd