Production & Steel Fabrication

On an 8-acre site, our 90,000 sq ft production facility can produce in excess of 12,000 tonnes per year and includes Hi-Tech CNC equipment from Voortman, Kaltenbach and FICEP. But our greatest asset is our highly-skilled, dedicated and motivated workforce, who receive ongoing training.

The journey starts with the full automated Voortman V320, this machine is state of the art with carbide drilling and 400amp plasma cutting, it can process plate sheets up to 6m long x 2m wide with thickness from 6mm to 75mm, without manual intervention. Running alongside this is the FICEP Tipo D8 which punches and crops standard flat bars.

Our Kaltenbach KBS 1016 with 3-axis drilling machine can cut and drill sections weighing over 500kg per meter and can process beams 20 meters in length. A lift and carry system is then used to transfer the steelwork though the shot blaster which is generally to cleaned to standard SA2.5. Other standards are available to suit specific project specifications.

When all components have been prepared, they are assembled in one of three areas. The fabrication lines 1 & 2, which is made up of a bogie line 160 meters long which moves the steel members all the way though the processes plating, welding, and painting. Line 3 specialises in more intricate work. Inspection is carried out after each process, 100% dimension inspection, 100% visual welding and over and above the specification for MPI & UT by our CSWIP 3.1 inspector. Painting is inspected by our NACE Certified Coatings Inspector.

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State-of-the-art facilities

Our 90,000 sq ft production facility is packed with state-of-the-art machinery. We provide a wide range of structural solutions to the construction industry and offer a range of in-house services – including estimating, design and detailing, steel fabrication, painting and installation – enabling a cost-effective and efficient all-round service to main contractors.